Serving business, government, and non profits, Well Worthy Concepts specializes in communications solutions that align purchasing with values. Through cutting-edge consulting and more sustainably From campaign signage and health promotions to social media infographics and PSAs, we help you communicate your message in ways that are clear, compelling and cost-effective. And we do it all with a commitment to people and planet

Located in the Washington DC Metro Area and broader mid-Atlantic region, Well Worthy Concepts promotes sustainable communities from print to practice. Distinct in the marketing communications field, we help our clients to align institutional purchasing with values in order to live your mission from the inside out.  We do this through our commitment to 3D sustainability, including community wealth building, while maintaining a track record of excellent quality, competitive pricing, on-time delivery and ethical service.

Our clients rely on Well Worthy for high quality logo imprinted solutions that are cost-effective and mission-consistent. We specialize in responsible messaging that is also compelling across diverse demographics from business to faith-based to hip-hop and more.   

Pricing. Well Worthy is committed to fair trade--for our clients who buy from us as well as suppliers who sell to us. Our prices are highly competitive and our increasingly sustainable business practices translate to significant savings that we pass on to you. 

Product Sourcing. Based on current supply and demand, we still carry conventional promotional products while continuing to expand our offering of more 3D sustainable products that are environmentally preferredeconomically empowering and socially responsible. This includes promotional products that are:

Product Choices. From artisan awards to eco-friendly signage, Well Worthy focuses on products that can be used and not just displayed, that have beauty as well as function. Even our most economical giveaways include thoughtful and more responsible alternatives to the traditional items that still flood the marketplace. 

We want to see the substance beneath the slogans and practices that reflect the messages we imprint. Sustainably sourced products--which includes supply chain equity--and socially responsible messaging are two of the ways we offer not just a backdrop for a message, but the advancement of a mission. As Well Worthy grows to scale, we advance our mission as we:

  • Create Jobs--good and greener ones--where they're needed most

If you believe in this work, let us know and share it with others.

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Stained Glass image is a derivative work of photo by Michael Biscotte, CC.  Green Collar Jobs photo by Matthew Johnson,  CC.
Life-sustaining communities 
from the inside out.

As a social enterprise, we're committed to sourcing and selling products that are more deeply aligned with the needs of sustainable communities. Whether it's a bamboo banner frame, a co-op made t-shirt or a recycled glass award, we do what we can to find items that are (or can be) produced from renewable or deeply recycled materials and by people who are earning enough to take good care of themselves and their families. We also support a shift to promotional products and gifts that are more functional and not frivolous in order to reduce wasteful consumption.

We measure business success by our capacity to deliver increasing value to all of our stakeholders from competitive pricing for clients to greater sustainability at every step of the supply-use-reuse chain. This includes what we (have the power to) choose to sell and buy and from whom; how much we profit and pay; and how we relate to who and what we no longer need. It's a long journey. But, it begins with knowing that another way is not only desirable, but possible and not only possible, but doable--right here, right now, beginning with our own choices.  

 To promote sustainable communities
from print to practice.
  • Made of biodegradable, renewable or majority recycled materials
  • Produced by local and small disadvantaged business enterprises (SDBEs) 
  • Imprinted with soy, vegetable based or water soluble inks and dyes
  • Promoting positive messages such as health, community and education 
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More Thoughtfully, More Sustainably
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The core values below ground and guide our work. Three of these values--life, community and wisdom--are incorporated into the Well Worthy Concepts logo through Adinkra symbols.
Life. At the foundation, center and circumference of who we are and what we do is a commitment to serving life more abundantly with a spirit of excellence.

be retrieved as the centering principle of our relationships, including those in business. 

Integrity. We strive for seamlessness between who we say we are and what we consistently do.

Cooperation. We embrace a holistic circle of economic, environmental and social interdependence (a.k.a. a triple bottomline) that benefits all stakeholders. 

         across difference.   

Imagination. We look through new lenses to create different possibilities that bring vision to fruition.

Wisdom. We thoughtfully engage best practices and timeless wisdom to plan and achieve meaningful outcomes.

Ese ne Terema
Symbol: Sankofa means "It is not taboo to go back and fetch what you have forgotten."  We know that life must
Symbol: Ese Ne Tekrema means literally "the teeth and the tongue" and represents interdependence and unity
Symbol: Nyansapo means "wisdom knot" which symbolizes understanding  practically applied to a desired end.
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"Our clients align purchasing  with values."
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Key NAICS Codes: 541890, 425120, 339940. Inquire for additional codes. 
Biodegradable jute bag logo imprintable
Recycled eco-friendly environmentally preferred banner
logo imprintable organic recycled cotton hooded sweatshirt hoodie
plaques, monogrammed gifts, etc.

signage, flag posts, mats, name plates

(Cause and Candidate)
yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons

bags, lanyards, signage, booths

recycled, fair trade, USA made

Under $1 to distinguished gifts

uniforms, t-shirts, caps, accessories

lapel pins, door mats, uniforms

labels, bags, boxes, bottles

for fundraisers, gift shops, vending

...And More