How do I place my order?  Click here. For complex orders, we may follow up with a call. 301.960.8510.  

How long does it take to receive my order?  Standard production time is generally 7 - 10 business days from the day after we receive your proof approval, plus shipping time. Some orders could take longer while we also have items available next day and even same day shipping. For your planning purposes, and especially if you are not a professional marketer familiar with ordering promotional products, we recommend you double this time and ALWAYS plan for order delivery a minimum of 5 business days prior to your distribution date.  

Do you serve individuals or non-businesses?

We do specialize in supporting the strategic marketing communications of businesses, government agencies and nonprofits. When time (the production schedule) permits, we are delighted to offer meaningful custom gifts for weddings, graduations and other special occasions. Whether you're working for social change or  celebrating  moments of life, we're passionate about helping our customers and clients imprint your logo and impact a life!


1. How do I submit my artwork? Email camera-ready digital files to [email protected]

2. What type(s) of files do you accept?  It depends on the content of what you're sending. Below are general guidelines. Specific requirements will be communicated once you place your order. 

Digital Files:  Email ONE graphic (.ai or .eps) file  AND  ONE .jpeg, .gif, .png or .pdf  file version of that graphic file.

a. Vector art with paths in an .AI or .EPS format with all fonts converted to outlines.  
b. Vector .pdf files are also acceptable
c. All artwork must be a minimum 300 dpi at actual imprint size
d. Send art for full-color orders in full-color and send it black and white for one color imprint orders. 
e. Unless PMS color matching is requested and specified on your order, colors will be match as close as possible. 

Black & White (Not Color) Printouts:
a. 600 dpi resolution at the actual imprint size. There is less cost to you if the art is clear and sharp upon receipt.  
b. Adobe Photoshop file in .eps or .tif format at 300 dpi resolution and at actual print size or larger than final imprint. 
c. If you use a Mac, contact us before sending anything. 

DO include the font files used in your design as a .TTF or simply list the fonts if you do not have them. 
DO include any placed images. 


Branded Communications. Products that are imprinted with a logo, slogan, tagline, image or other  message that are unique to a specific identity. They include promotional products, advertising specialties, corporate gifts, building signage and more. In a broader sense, they could be non-imprinted communications such as a jingle that is sung or a slogan that is spoken. Whatever the medium, the goal is to make sure your message is: 

EQP. End Quantity Price.  This is the lowest listed price point available for a given item. This price is available on selected items for our partners regardless of the quantity being ordered.  

In-Hand Date. The date on which your order is delivered "in your hands".  This is different from your event date or the date on which you intend to distribute/use the items you purchase.  Your "in-hand date" should be well in advance of your product use date.  We recommend a minimum of 10 business days for produced shipped from within the United States. For off-shore direct orders, the time could be 30 - 120 business or more, depending on many factors. See Steps To Ordering for more information. 

L-T-M. An abbreviation for "Less-Than-Minimum", this is the smallest quantity that may be ordered beyond the lowest listed catalog price of a particular item. The charge for ordering less than this quantity is called the LTM Charge. 

PMS. Abbreviation for Pantone Matching System. PMS is a standardized system of labeling colors used within the advertising specialty/promotional products and professional printing industries. The purpose of using PMS colors is to be able to match and reproduce colors precisely at professionally accepted standards in order to maintain color and therefore brand consistency. 

Split leather. Leather that is made from the lower layers rather than top layer of the hide of an animal. It is genuine leather that is durable and almost always a more economical alternative to top-grain leather.

Sustainably Produced Goods. Environmentally, these include items that have vegetable-based or other nontoxic inks, biodegradable packaging and the use of low volatile organic compound (VOC) solvents in the production process as well as recycled, biodegradable or other recyclable materials. Economically these include goods sold at prices and in production environments that allow the workers to sustain themselves economically and environmentally within the context of their respective country. They may include fair trade and union-made goods.  Due to the structure and state of the world economy, the number and availability of goods that are both environmentally and economically sustainable is relatively small, but growing each year. See the Sustainability Statement for what Well Worthy is doing.


1. How long will a biodegradable product last? Biodegradable goods are those that chemically break down or decompose over time in a controlled environment, such as a landfill or other special processing environment.  Some "curbside" recyclables such as certain types of paper cups may also be biodegradable without any special environment.  However, biodegradable products do not simply decompose with normal usage. 

2. What does BPA-free mean?  BPA is an acronym for the chemical bisphenol  A. It has been added to a wide range of consumer products from beverage bottles to baby bottles, but is now being banned due to its potentially harmful effects, especially on children. Well Worthy is proud to offer a wide variety of BPA-free and recyclable plastic bottles as well as stainless steel, ceramic and other alternatives to synthetic drinkware materials that are better for people and planet. 

3. What is R.P.E.T.?  RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, a plastic that has already been used in products such as water bottles as well as various types of packaging. The plastic is retrieved from recycling facilities where it is sorted, cleaned and processed into pellets. These pellets are then developed into a brand new material that you'll find in hundreds of Well Worthy promotional products from t-shirts to bags. Purchasing RPET products is an excellent way to align your purchasing with your values and demonstrate your company or organization's social and environmental responsibility. 


1. What is the minimum quantity I can order? It depends on the item. Well Worthy offers most items based on volume price discounts and usually with a required minimum order of $250. This means the higher the quantity ordered, the lower the per-piece-price.  We do not inflate prices or try to "oversell" you on quantities you do not need and many items can be purchased at less-than-minimum.  However, there is always an additional charge to do this and, in some cases, it is more economical to purchase the higher quantity as your net cost is less.   

2. What is an Over/Underrun? In commercial imprinting, the quantity of items produced for an order that is less than or more than the quantity you ordered is called an underrun or overrun, respectively. For example, if you order 1000 bags, you may receive 900 or 1100 bags. This would be called a 10% underrun or 10% overrun, respectively. Underruns are rare, but can occur if the factory is producing your order with a limited inventory on hand, such as with closeouts and clearance items. Overruns occur when a factory prints a greater quantity of an order than is needed to make up for any imprints that may not meet quality standards. Because large-volume imprinting is done in batches, it is not always possible to imprint exact quantities so overruns occur.  Orders shipped within 5% of the quantity ordered --under or over--are considered complete and are fully billable. While this policy applies to most orders, some orders are produced at exact quantities or within 5 - 7% of the quantity ordered.  Exact quantities may be available upon request, but please keep in mind that there may be an additional charge.  

3. What if I need to receive a specific quantity, say for an event? It largely depends on what you're ordering.  Items at higher price points like a marble award, top-grain leather case or crystal vase can usually be ordered in exact quantities because the actual quantity ordered is usually lower anyway. For larger quantities, we recommend that you order with the over/underrun policy in mind. This may mean ordering at least 10% more than you will need to ensure that you have the absolute minimum quantity delivered. 
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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1. Compelling:      It easily draws attention whether it's a stare, repeat use, or 
                             conversation (a.k.a.  "buzz")

2. Consistent:       It is consistent with your stated identity, mission and values

3. Cost-effective: It pays for itself through the value it provides and is within                                 your budget. This means you must have a budget and stick to it.
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A Word On Color. When the imprint process allows, we offer the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®. The gold standard in professional color matching and management, the use of Pantone colors will ensure that your brand--from logo to collateral, shows up accurately and consistently across time and products. If you're unfamiliar with graphic design or how color works in managing your brand reproduction, here's a very helpful video.
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