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This Sustainability Statement exists to tell you--our customers, clients, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders--just how Well Worthy Concepts lives its mission to promote 3D sustainable communities "from print to practice". Because Well Worthy is a small business, hopefully  it also demonstrates that no matter the size of your company or the sophistication of your operations, sustainability is everyone's business. 

At Well Worthy, one of our core values is interdependence. We live this value as we conceptualize sustainability in its economic and social as well as environmental dimensions because each depends upon the other. So from operations to supply chain management, we continually connect the dots between environment, economy and human well-being. More than resource management, it's about resource consciousness and always considering the impact of our choices for ourselves and our stakeholders, including future generations.

Below is our statement in action. Whether yours is a mid-sized company or a modest nonprofit, a large institution or a small business enterprise, we hope it inspires you to put your best foot--and smallest carbon footprint--forward.

Products. We seek out  sustainably sourced  products whenever possible. This  

Electricity. All computer workstations and peripherals are set to maximize energy during business hours and are powered down after hours. This not only save

Recycling. We save trees by not printing out emails unless necessary, printing on both sides of

Shipping. We use E-catalogs instead of paper catalogs (unless required) and  avoid wasteful mass mailings of paper catalogs altogether. We re-use packaging

Water. Half gallon plastic bottles have been recycled, filled with water and placed 
Recycle Symbol
and packing materials which lowers our shipping costs. Utilizing best-in-class industry software, we source items that are as close to a client's shipping location as possible in order to reduce  carbon emissions while in transit and reduce shipping 
internal communications and find all kinds of ways to repurpose scrap paper, with grocery lists being a favorite. We also recycle ink cartridges and other office supplies. Clearly marked recycling bins are used for waste and we're exploring ways to start a   compost pile that can be used to start an organic window garden.
saves energy but extends the life of screens and leaves less time for nasty viruses and malware to get into the IT system. Daylighting (naturally occurring light from the sun) is used whenever it's sufficient and all light bulbs will be replaced with
Energy Conservation Pocket Guide
includes items that are biodegradable, BPA-free, solar powered and made from sustainable resources such as bamboo and jute. Economically, we are working to both source and expand demand for goods that are microenterprise or union made as well as fair trade. Socially, we offer culturally competent materials such as health promotions and educational materials.
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To promote 3D sustainable communities  (environment + economy + society) from print to practice       
CFL bulbs when the current inventory is used up. 
cost for our clients. Our preferred shipping partner also provides carbon offset shipping options. 
placed inside toilet seats. This is an inexpensive way to both recycle plastic bottles and create a low-flow toilet. Our total water saved annually: a minimum of 780 gallons! According to the U. S. Department of the Interior's Drip Calculator, just one 
The core values below ground and guide our work. Three of these values--life, community and wisdom--are incorporated into the Well Worthy Concepts logo through Adinkra symbols.
Life. At the foundation, center and circumference of who we are and what we do is a commitment to serving life and love more abundantly with a spirit of excellence.

must be retrieved as the centering principle of our relationships, including those in business. 

Integrity.We strive for seamlessness between who we say we are and what we consistently do.

Cooperation. We embrace a holistic circle of economic, environmental and social interdependence(a.k.a. a triple bottomline) that benefits all stakeholders. 

unity across difference.   

Imagination. We look through new lenses to create different possibilities that bring vision to fruition.

Wisdom. We thoughtfully engage best practices and timeless wisdom to plan and achieve meaningful outcomes.

Ese ne Terema
Symbol: Sankofa means "It is not taboo to go back and fetch what you have forgotten." We believe that life
Symbol: Ese Ne Tekrema means literally "the teeth and the tongue" and represents interdependence and
Symbol: Nyansapo means "wisdom knot" which symbolizes understanding  practically applied.
CFL light bulb
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faucet dripping once every six seconds leaks one gallon of water each day, so we also do simple checks to make sure we're not letting it go (literally) down the drain.
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plaques, monogrammed gifts, etc.

signage, flag posts, mats, name plates

(Cause and Candidate)
yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons

bags, lanyards, signage, booths

recycled, fair trade, USA made

Under $1 to distinguished gifts

uniforms, t-shirts, caps, accessories

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labels, bags, boxes, bottles

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