If your company or nonprofit is interested in partnering with Well Worthy for a donor matching programevent co-sponsorship or other strategic partnership, please see our mission and values and tell us more about your needs. Guided by the focus areas below, we're passionate about partnerships that are value-based, mission-consistent and strategically impactful. Read more...

The shifts in the 21st century global economy require new (and renewed) ways of sustaining life--individually and communally. Structures that have been in place to meet the needs of the most economically vulnerable are themselves vulnerable and struggling to survive. Nonprofits--from foundations to religious institutions--are facing declines in giving. Meanwhile, even in more prosperous times, certain needs remain perpetually underfunded. 

As a social enterprise, Well Worthy Concepts is excited to be scaling a business model that allows socially responsible companies, foundations, CDFIs and other entities that prioritize the needs of the most economically vulnerable to advance their mission “from print to practice”. At the heart of this model is Equity Philanthropy

Part of Well Worthy's distinctive approach focuses on channeling capital from the social sector's purchasing power beyond its ordinary charitable giving or debt financing and leveraging that capital for 3D sustainable investments (environmental + economic + social). Beyond the logo imprinted solutions we provide, we aim to add value as we help our clients:

1.  Align your purchasing with your values 
2.  Leverage your institutional purchases to fund your mission 
3.  Increase your financial and social capital for community wealth

Well Worthy will work with your development team to craft a win-win EP solution that yields measurable results. Don't have a development team? No problem. Be ready to 

Option 1. When your 501(c)(3) nonprofit purchases promotional products from Well Worthy Concepts, we return a portion of our profits from these purchases back to your (designated) nonprofit or community based organization that is working in one or more of our focus areas. Beyond conventional affiliate programs, Well Worthy works with our clients and other stakeholders to create partnerships that meaningfully advance your mission from print to practice.

Option 2. If your 501(c)(3) nonprofit receives promotional products through a corporate sponsored in-kind donation (such as for a conference, event or awareness campaign), Well Worthy can add value to that sponsorship at no additional cost to you.

Option 3. If you 're not eligible or ready to take advantage of the above options, check out our Referral Program. It's an effective way to raise funds for a well worthy cause. This option may also be helpful for community-based organizations that have not yet received formal nonprofit status. 
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Sustainable Economics
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As a social enterprise, Well Worthy Concepts does not simply "give back". Part of our mission is to generate capital that cultivates and sustains communities. Equity Philanthropy (EP) directly reinvests sales revenues or other resources generated from commercial activity into charitable initiatives. Unlike conventional philanthropy, Equity Philanthropy doesn't require a charitable entity to apply for a grant, court donors or otherwise hunt for funds. Instead, a nonprofit receives a donation based on its own ordinary purchasing activity or any eligible purchases made by its supporters. And because Well Worthy is a social enterprise, our giving is structured to be monetarily higher and ethically broader than conventional affiliate programs on major online shopping sites, search engines and more. 
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We are transforming our supply chain and investing in asset building to increase economic security while advancing environ-mental sustainability at the same time. More...

Your purchase can support quality education at all levels for all learners. Contact us about strategically partnering with your institution for scholarships, in-kind and other support.   
Eliminating Health Disparities
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Eliminating Health Disparities
[P]ragmatic nonprofits should consider additional potential funding sources [beyond corporate giving] when planning their appeals.” 
~Jim Yunker, Executive Director Giving USA Foundation(tm)

Source: Indiana University School of Philanthropy.

Well Worthy has logo imprinted solutions for your next public health campaign. We specialize in culturally competent promotional products for LET'S MOVE and other health awareness campaigns  More...

If your nonprofit is interested in partnering with Well Worthy for a donor matching program, event co-sponsorship or just learning more, please see our mission and values and tell us more about your needs.  
plaques, monogrammed gifts, etc.

signage, flag posts, mats, name plates

(Cause and Candidate)
yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons

bags, lanyards, signage, booths

recycled, fair trade, USA made

Under $1 to distinguished gifts

uniforms, t-shirts, caps, accessories

lapel pins, door mats, uniforms

labels, bags, boxes, bottles

for fundraisers, gift shops, vending

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1. Strategize. How does Well Worthy Concepts connect with your strategic plan?   

2. Refer  and earn supplemental income or funding.

3. Partner with us as a client, designated charity or supplier.

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