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Stained Glass image is a derivative work of photo by Michael Biscotte, CC.  Green Collar Jobs photo by Matthew Johnson,  CC.
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All transactions submitted to or by Well Worthy Concepts, LLC ("Well Worthy", "we" or us") including, but not limited to quotes, acknowledgements, proposals, orders, invoices, promotional offers and RFPs, are subject to the terms of service herein. In the event that any part or parts of these terms is found to be unenforceable, all other parts will continue to be enforceable. Well Worthy reserves the right to make changes to these terms at any time and any such changes will take effect upon their publication on By entering and/or using this site, you acknowledge that you have read and accept the terms of service.

Quotes.  All price quotes are provided in writing only to ensure accuracy and access by Well Worthy and you. Pricing is firm for at least 30 days with the exception of certain sale, clearance or closeout items.  Changes to one or more order specifications may require a new or revised quote.

Order Acknowledgement. An Order Acknowledgement is the formal sales agreement between the purchaser (you" or "your") and Well Worthy Concepts ("we" or "us") for each order you place including partial fulfillment orders. You are responsible for ensuring that all details in the Order Acknowledgment are accurate. This includes but is not limited to: the item #, quantity and price-per-piece; the color, location, method and size of the artwork being imprinted; the shipping address and estimated delivery date. For procurement/purchasing departments, we are happy to use your internal P.O. number and incorporate it into our Order Acknowledgement. If you have other specifications, let us know.

Invoice. For some orders, such as those submitted via that require no changes), an invoice may be sent in lieu of an order acknowledgement. In this case, the invoice serves as the formal sales agreement between you and Well Worthy Concepts and you are responsible for ensuring that all information on the invoice is accurate as per the instructions for an Order Acknowledgement above.  

Terms. Paying what we legitimately owe and buying only what we can legitimately pay for is part of being a responsible individual and corporate citizen. Consequently, terms of payment are based on your company or organizational credit history. 

Standard Terms. Full prepayment is required unless other terms are established. Based on
your creditworthiness, Well Worthy may accept a 50% deposit on large orders with balance 
due prior to delivery or upon delivery. 

Preferred Terms: Net 30 terms are available for institutional clients that have a satisfactory 
credit history. Additionally, discounted pricing beyond our published volume discounts 
is available for clients we service as a Preferred Supplier. Contact us for more information.

The payment terms stated herein constitute the payment terms in their entirety unless different terms are expressly communicated by Well Worthy Concepts in writing. A late fee of 1.5% of the balance due (not including any taxes) per month will accrue for any unpaid balance not received by 11:59 p.m. EST) within: 15 calendar days from date of invoice for standard terms  or 30 calendar days from date of invoice for Preferred Terms.

Payment. We accept e-checks, VISA and MasterCard conveniently online via Intuit Payment Network or you may pay by traditional check or money order. See your order acknowledgement or invoice for payment details. All payments must be made in US dollars.

Artwork. You are responsible for checking the accuracy of your artwork-- layout as well as content. This includes, but is not limited to, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and other aspects of grammar; spacing (unintended, extra, missing or uneven spaces); graphic placement and size, font (size, stylizing, choice of font), and correct imprint color(s), method(s) and location(s). Any corrections must be submitted via email. Any changes to art specifications after your order has been placed will incur a minimum copy change charge of $25. The charge may be higher if we  need to substantially re-create artwork.  Due to variations in computer monitors, colors shown on computer monitors may not be accurate reflections of how a color will actually look when imprinted. Different materials can also affect how a color will look. Unless PMS color matching is requested, colors will be matched as close as possible within accepted industry standards and considered acceptable and fully billable. For an additional charge, you may also request a spec sample, which is an actual pre-production sample that shows how your item would look imprinted, without you having to purchase the full quantity.  Click here for information on artwork submission guidelines.

Order Quantity. In commercial imprinting, the quantity of items produced for an order that is less than or more than the quantity you ordered is called an underrun or overrun, respectively. For example, if you order 1000 bags, you may receive 950 or 1050 bags. This would be called a 5% underrun or 5% overrun, respectively. Underruns are rare, but can occur if the factory is producing your order with a limited inventory on hand, such as with closeouts and clearance items. Overruns occur when a factory prints a greater quantity of an order than is needed to make up for any imprints that may not meet quality standards. Because large-volume imprinting is done in batches, it is not always possible to imprint exact quantities so overruns occur. Orders shipped within 5% of the quantity ordered --under or over--are considered complete and are fully billable. While this policy applies to most items ordered, most orders are produced at exact quantities or within 5% of the quantity ordered. Exact quantities may be available upon request, but please keep in mind that there may be an additional charge.  Low (25 or less) quantity orders are not subject to this policy. 

SHIPPING. Responsibility for your order transfers to you, the purchaser, upon issuance of your or your  authorized designee’s signature that confirms receipt of the delivery. If Well Worthy has followed the shipping instructions provided in your Order Acknowledgement or otherwise submitted by you in writing,  we can not be responsible for missed, failed or redirected deliveries.

Drop Shipments & Fulfillment. Well Worthy will ship your order to multiple locations with no hassles for you. We will also process fulfillment orders with staggered or otherwise delayed delivery dates. Provide shipping instructions on your Order Form. 
Delivery. Orders may be shipped via UPS®, FedEx®, or freight and are subject to the shipping policies of the respective carrier as well as Well Worthy's policies.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your address of delivery is open for business during the standard delivery hours for either UPS® or FedEx® and that someone is available to actually sign for your package(s).  If you prefer, you are welcome to indicate a delivery window (e.g., after 10 a.m., by 5 p.m.) and this may prevent delayed delivery. All deliveries require a signature. Unless you instruct us otherwise in writing, a signature from an office building concierge, an organizational employee or Front Desk staff person at the delivery address on your purchasing agreement will be considered an authorized signature. 

Nondelivery. If, for some reason, your package is undeliverable on the first delivery attempt, it will be returned to the carrier’s local shipping center and a second good faith delivery attempt may be made.  Depending on the carrier, after a second failed delivery attempt, the delivery is subject to being returned to the sender. This is not a pleasant thing. If this happens, you are responsible for all costs of reshipping as well as the costs of the original shipment.  So... it’s a really good idea to do the logistics to ensure a timely and successful delivery.  Multiple delivery attempts do not apply to freight deliveries. Orders that are repeatedly nondeliverable are still fully billable, including additional shipping and handling charges that are incurred. If you delivery is not received by the scheduled date, you are responsible for notifying Well Worthy via email. Every business day counts. So the faster you provide email notification of nondelivery or other issues, the faster we can respond and serve you. For time sensitive deliveries, with an in-hands date of 4 business days or less, you must notify us on the date the delivery was scheduled in order for Well Worthy to make a good faith effort to resolve the issue.  This resolution may include redirecting the delivery, having it held at a carrier's shipping facility for pick up by you or another suitable alternative as decided by Well Worthy. 

Order Inspection. You are responsible for inspecting the quality and quantity of your order to ensure it matches the specifications in your purchasing agreement. We recommend counting your items, especially if you need an exact quantity, immediately upon receipt. We require that you report any problems you would like Well Worthy to resolve within 48 hours of order delivery. Of course, if your date of use is less than 48 hours from your delivery date, you should contact us upon receipt of order delivery. We are unable to process any claims after 25 days of order delivery. 

Returns. If there is a problem, we are happy to resolve the issue at no cost to you. Due to the custom nature of most orders, returns are not accepted unless the order does not meet the specifications of your Order Acknowledgement/Invoice in some material way. (See Order Concerns below.) For blank goods, returns are accepted up to three (3) business days after delivery with a 20% restocking fee. There are no returns on any order after (5) business days from the date of order delivery. Again, it is vital that you physically open the contents of your delivery and check it upon receipt. If we authorize a return, we will email you specific instructions, including  a Return Authorization Number and you would be responsible for the costs of shipping and handling. Items must be returned in the same quality and quantity in which they were received and properly taped and secured in the same or comparable packaging and boxes for return shipping. Be sure to follow the instructions to ensure that your return is accepted and any refund due is issued.For example, if you use your own shipping account, we are not able to refund the charges. 

Order Concerns. While we make every effort to deliver a perfect order 100% of the time, humanity happens (as well as natural forces such as weather that can delay shipments). In the event that your order does not match your specifications as per the Order Acknowledgement/Invoice, we will, based on your preferences and present constraints (such as delivery time, available stock), do one or some combination of the following: 

1.Re-do the order if requested and time permits 
2.Replace an item with an item of equal or comparable value
3. Issue a full refund upon your return (at no cost to you) of the entire order
4. Issue a refund or order credit upon your return (at no cost to you) of the items at issue

Any of the above remedies requires that you contact us not later than five (5) calendar days after the delivery date. We can not process any returns for any reason if they are reported after this time period. If you wish to have the items for a given event or distribution date, contact us upon delivery or on the scheduled delivery date, so we have the time required to serve you best. 

Cancellations. Orders are billable for all costs and charges incurred up to and including the date of cancellation.  Orders that have been put into production and already produced are not in effect able to be canceled except for shipping and handling. This is, of course, because workers have already done the labor to produce your order and must be compensated. In the event that a return is accepted, you must return it according to our emailed instructions and within the time specified. 

Promotions. Well Worthy may offer promotions from time to time on its website,, or through other communication channels such as email and social networking sites. These promotions may result in discounts on the total cost of your current order or provide some form of benefit for completed orders or orders completed in the future. Promotions are valid as per the stated restrictions) and may not be combined with other promotions or discounts. Promotions do not apply to items already on clearance or otherwise discounted.  Unless otherwise written, any discount applies to the product per-piece price only and any rebates or offers for "free goods" are calculated as a percentage of the product per-piece price total. Rebate checks are issued within 15 - 45 days of a qualifying order being completed and processed by Well Worthy.

Referral Fees. Referral fees are joyfully paid to the referring party within 15 - 45 days of a qualifying order being completed and processed by Well Worthy. Payment will be made payable to the entity submitted on the  "Referred By" line on the Order form or Contact form via electronic check payment only. Referral fees will not be issued retroactively and only apply to the first order placed by the referred entity, unless you are signed up for the Well Worthy Referral Program. Referral fees are calculated based on the total per-piece price invoiced and paid for the qualifying order. 

This is good stuff, so be sure to actually read it! It's written in as much plain English as possible so that it's clear. And best of all, it answers some of your basic questions about ordering, art, payment, deliveries and more. If you have a question that's not addressed here, try our FAQs.
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